For International Students

Tips for Transferring to Colleges in the United States

Community College Student

Studying in the US will require planning and preparation for what is required.

How can I compare transfer admission requirements?

Use our Search for Transfer Profiles to find a college's requirements for applying as a transfer student. Always call your prospective institution to find out if they have specific and/or additional requirements for international students.

What do I need to know about transcripts?

You will need to request official copies of your transcripts. If you live in a country supporting the European Union's Diploma Supplement, request it be prepared for you. Many schools require that your official transcripts be processed by an evaluation service. This service will typically handle language translation and generalized curriculum mapping. The acceptance of credit will be up to the college where you enroll; however, some institutions will accept recommendations from a course-by-course evaluation if it has been prepared by an approved agency.

How can I find a foreign transcript evaluation agencies?

The following agencies are approved to provide credit recommendations:

Five Important Questions to Ponder

What if English is not my native language?

If this is the case, despite your citizenship, you must provide schools with verification of your proficiency in English. You should have an official report of your scores from either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) sent directly to your the Admissions Office of the school to which you have applied. Make sure you are aware of any application deadlines, which might differ for international students.

Am I considered an international student if either I or my parents have applied for a green card?

You are still considered an international student until you have a green card and can provide a copy of it to the institution to which are interested in applying.

As an international student, am I required to take the SAT or ACT?

You will need to check with the individual institution's Admissions Office. Some schools require you to take these standardized tests for admission into to certain programs or for scholarship consideration.

Are financial aid and scholarships available to an international student?

The following financial resources are available for international students:

What types of documentation will I need to apply as a transfer student to a college in the United States?

It would be beneficial for you to have course catalogs and syllabi for an advisor to review when determining transferability of coursework. Create a Student Passport account to save these to your storage center and make them easy to share from one place. An unofficial copy of your foreign transcript can be stored and shared here as well.