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For Transfer Students considering changing colleges, switching majors and course transfer. Finish Your College Degree.  Navigate Transfer Pathways.  Research Majors and Careers. Plan What If.  Find Transfer Information and answer your questions. For Faculty and Advisors developing and supporting transfer pathways.  Help transfer students succeed with proactive guidance and transfer information, For Administrators building a transfer community. Promote accurate transfer information and services to support transfer students, faculty and advisors.
For Transfer Students exploring changing colleges, switching majors, course credit transfer and more... For Faculty and Advisors developing and supporting college pathways for student success... For Administrators building a transfer community with accurate transfer information and links...

Find College and University student and course transfer information,
transfer student tips on changing colleges, switching majors and course credit transfer.

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CollegeTransfer.Net and The National College Transfer Services Network.
Find the best student transfer path, plan what if, and finish college with CollegeTransfer.Net.

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Are you looking for college transfer assistance, transfer tips and transfer information? Are you thinking about changing colleges, switching majors or going back to college? Are you preparing a petition for course credit transfer? Explore College and University transfer information before you transfer. CollegeTransfer.Net is a national college portal for college transfer students. Search, list, research and select Best Transfer Colleges or Universities, Degrees, Programs, Majors, Careers and Courses matching your circumstances and interests. Explore "What If" questions. Plan student transfer and course transfer proactively. Let CollegeTransfer.Net help you navigate changing colleges, switching majors, returning to college and course credit transfer. Returning to College? Find advice on going back, how prior learning credit counts and methods to finish your College degree faster and for less.

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